Developing safer and more effective Ibogaine alternatives for opioid withdrawal symptoms and addiction
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Company Profile:

    Frontier Neurochem is a biopharmaceutical company developing, licensing and marketing small molecules neurotherapeutics derived from plant-extracted alkaloids compounds and other phytochemicals. Its current strategic focus is the development of novel synthetic derivatives of Iboga-type alkaloids devoid of cardiovascular side-effects.

Therapeutic Areas:

    Applications of company products include the field of Addiction Medicine for the treatment of Opioid withdrawal symptoms and addiction, Cognitive Nootropics for Alzheimer's dementia and Military Medicine for wakefulness promotion/sleep recovery. The Company is also a global supplier of research phytochemicals used to study sleep/wakefulness, cognition and addiction.

Frontier-NC Products:

Research & Development Pipeline:

Program (Area of Focus)
NC-48-spiro® (Nootropic, Anti-Addictive)*
Wakefulness, SUD
NC-88® (Non-Cardiotoxic Iboga Derivatives)*
Opioid Use Disorders
Iboga Alkaloids (Ibogaine Alternatives)
Opioid Use Disorders
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Research Chemicals & Reagents:

Frontier Neurochem is the leading supplier of research chemicals, reagents, and PET imaging probes used to study brain-specific receptors and pathways involved in wakefulness/sleep, cognition and addiction...Click here to browse our catalog

Careers Opportunities:

We are currently seeking chemists and pharmacologists to join our team:

Medicinal Chemists, BSc, MSc, PhD

You will conduct original research aimed at the design and synthesis of biologically active target molecules for our clients in our hit discovery, H2L and lead optimization programs. We seek enthusiastic candidates who enjoy a team-based approach to solving challenging medicinal chemistry problems. Successful candidates will have strong synthetic and medicinal chemistry skills. Pharmaceutical industry experience preferred but not required. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential. Click here to contact us

Pharmacologist, PhD

We are seeking a group leader to lead a team in our assay and preliminary pharmacological assessment of preclinical drug candidate. Successful candidate will have a proven track record of contributing to the advancenent of lead compounds to preclinical candidate Phase. CNS experience a plus. Excellent communication and leadership skills, a strong customer focus and an ability to work well in a team setting are required. Click here to contact us

Student Interns (Vancouver, Canada)

We occasionally have opportunities of internship for students. Gain a valuable job experience in a fast growing biotech company in a wide range of biotech areas including technical/patent drafting, lab work in organic synthetic medicinal chemistry, bioassay as well as training in regulatory and submission of NDA. Click here to contact us

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